Live Stream Classes

Wednesday 9 am / Friday 10 am

All live stream classes are 1 hour.

To participate in a LIVE STREAM class:

  1. Download the Zoom app or access the website.
  2. At least 30 minutes before class start timesend a donation via VENMO to @Meadows-CarriePlease indicate whether it’s for Wednesday or Friday.
  3. Upon receipt of registration I will message you through VENMO with the class link and login info.
  4. Log in, move your body.

Online Subscriptions

Yoga On Demand

A curated collection of single, themed classes, available for rent or download.

3 Warriors

An approachable, vinyasa-inspired class that incorporates the three warrior poses: warrior 1, 2, and 3. Other featured poses include side angle pose, pyramid pose, upward facing dog, and more.

59 min

3 Advancing Warriors

This practice builds upon the 3 Warriors class, incorporating the 3 warriors poses into a vinyasa-based sequence with challenging transitions and balancing poses. Other features poses include upward facing dog, side angle pose, one-footed sage pose, and standing hand-to-foot pose variations. Prior yoga experience recommended but not required.

51 min

Compact Class

Short on time but still need a yoga practice? This short practice will work the entire body and is appropriate for level 1 and up. Poses included: warrior 2, fierce pose, crescent lunge variations, forearm planks, and more!

31 min

Take a Deep Breath

This class offers a sequence of poses to increase overall strength and increase mobility in the upper and mid back, around the ribcage, and across the chest. Use of a yoga block is optional but not required. Accessible for all levels. Key poses include twisting lunges, side angle pose, camel pose, and more.

58 min

Spread Your Wings

A fun and challenging practice that will work the entire body in preparation for balancing poses. Includes core work, standing lunges and twists, plank variations, half moon, crow pose, and more. Prior yoga experience recommended but not required.

1 hr 6 min

Core Fusion

An approachable practice to stabilize the core while building strength and increasing mobility in the entire body. Includes side planks, lunges, balancing poses, bridges, concentrated core work, and more!

48 min